Time for a better mousetrap.


Over the past ten years the Organic, Non GMO and natural food categories have witnessed 200%+ growth. Food companies can't keep up with demand due to supply chain constraints. Their brands are at risk due to lack of transparency. Consumers expectations are not being satisfied. 


This is the general layout of information about the team.

Jared Gordon
Partner, Architecture

Tessa Cortes
Partner, Operations

Mikael Lindberg
Partner, Design


Associates & Staff

Eduardo Page
Senior Architect

Nina Bennett

Claribel Conroy

Caleb Romero
Senior Designer

Jamie Harris
Senior Designer

Traci Greene

Ana Nikolaidis

Michele Kovacs

Lucas Fletcher

Amir Thakur
Business Development

Santiago Roy
Business Development

Odell Tyner
Business Development

Tom Hogan
IT Manager

Angelica Erickson
Office Manager

Producers are at the heart of our endeavor. Without them, nothing happens. We continue to develop innovative programs that add value to their raw materials -- grains & oilseeds, foods and feedstuffs -- and link our producers to our customers. This creates an unfair advantage for the citizens of Pipeline Nation.