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Traceability & Transparency


We are committed to providing product integrity assurance to all of our customers, providing a clear view of everything that passes through our hands, from farm gate to food shelf.

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KPI: Percent Growth/Change in IP Sales


Assurance Programs

There is a known and documented problem with fraudulent organic products making their way into the U.S. marketplace, in particular associated with grain imports. As organic grain is our bread and butter, Pipeline Foods take this very seriously and are working to fight fraud.

Our Assurance programs, including food safety and organic integrity, are quality differentiators that we are able to offer to key food company customers.

We to address all risks to the integrity of the organic products we buy and sell through:

  1. the establishment of best in class internal policies, procedures, and programs;

  2. industry leadership, and;

  3. policy and regulatory engagement with NOP, NOSB, Congress, and Federal Agencies.


We have also developed a Certificate of Assurance (CoA), which identifies the organic certificate number(s) for all farms from which the product delivered to a customer originated are included, so that the customer can visit National Organic Program database to identify the grower(s) if interested. In addition, the CoAs highlight the key components of our food safety and quality programs.





In line with our commitment to traceability and transparency, we are preparing to participate in blockchain-based transactions. While we don’t anticipate making the significant financial investment to build-out blockchain infrastructure, we have made internal investments to participate once a customer or other partner does so. We understand the National Organic Program (NOP) has funding for and intends to build-out a pilot-scale blockchain, and have worked with NOP to inform their vision for this system and indicated our desire to participate once it comes to fruition.