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Occupational Health & Safety


Our Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) program is a best practice framework based on ANSI Z10 and is designed to comply with OSHA & EPA requirements. The EH&S program is coordinated through common management principles and processes and includes a Plan-Do-Check-Act perpetual cycle of improvement and systematic elimination of root causes.

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KPI: Incidence rate per man hours vs. industry


Safety in the Workplace

Pipeline Foods complies with all state and federal regulatory requirements, and has proactively put into place a robust compliance management system to minimize health and human safety risks.

The Pipeline Food’s Human Health and Safety Team referenced OSHA’s 2018 Top 10 Most-Cited Violations, NGFA’s safety guidance documents, and the OSHA’s Grain Handling Standard to determine the work-related hazards that were most likely to pose a risk of ill health. These hazards were evaluated, safety policies and procedures were developed and implemented, and daily and annual training content is consistently shared with employees for exposed hazards. We had zero fatalities, one lost/restricted workday injuries, and two recordable injuries during the 2018 calendar year.


National Safety Month

In June of 2019, we began participating in the National Safety Council’s (NSC) National Safety Month. Utilizing both externally-facing social media accounts and internal company emails and newsletters, we shared the NSC’s weekly themes of and emphasized the importance Pipeline Foods places on the safety and wellness of all of our employees, both in our offices and facilities.