Farm Profit Program

The Farm Profit Program (FPP) is actively growing the number of organic grain-producing acres in the United States by working in partnership with skilled farmers and expert service providers. We want to help you capitalize on the opportunity to diversify, satisfy domestic demand, and increase profitability through organic production practices. 



Pipeline Foods is a global supplier of high quality, traceable Organic and non-GMO food and feed grains and ingredients for the CPG and livestock sectors. We source directly from farmers, trusted supply partners and our own facilities. We work diligently to meet customer needs.



Pipeline Foods has created the infrastructure to facilitate efficient commodity storage, grains and oilseeds processing, feed milling, trans-loading and transportation services. We are leveraging our access to capital to bring world-class assets to the clean label marketplace in support of our customers and partners.

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Procurement solutions

The Procurement Solutions team works collaboratively with food companies to understand the needs and challenges of clean label grain or animal protein commitments. We guide CPGs through what can be a complex, yet value-adding process, offering holistic solutions that drive success in steps, while steering clear of the fragmented approach prevalent in today’s market.

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