Farm Profit Program


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Welcome to the Farm Profit Program! Now that you’ve officially signed up, you can access all of our resources - just click on the links below to get started! We’re here for you, and want to hear from you. If there’s anything we can do to support you, let us know and we’ll build a program to suit your needs. Our job is to make yours easier.




Long-Term Off-Take Agreements
You select a percentage of your acres to enroll, and we commit to buying your whole rotation of marketable organic grains, oilseeds, and/or pulses for up to ten years. An annual reset allows us to agree to the crops and pricing that works for everyone.

Transition Loans
Get the funds you need to ease organic transition and make investments. We’ll connect you with lenders who understand organic.

Crop Insurance
We work closely with leading crop insurance providers to educate farmers about their options and secure the protection you need.



We have three staff consultants in three regions of the US who can help you trouble shoot certification, rotations, fertility, weed control, or any other questions you might have, all for free. Call, text, or email anytime – we’re here to help.

Agronomy Referral Network
If you want to work with an organic agronomist who can visit your farm and be with you every step of the way, we’ve compiled regional lists of companies and individuals you can hire. We’ve vetted each outfit and throw our recommendation behind them.

We sell quality organic and Non-GMO seed as well as pelletized chicken manure.



Transition guide
Short and sweet one-page guides that cover the nuts and bolts of certification, weed control, record keeping, organic fertility, and much more

Crop budgets
Easily compare conventional, transitional, and certified organic crop budgets to get beyond the hearsay and into the numbers.

Video series
We’ve compiled the best of the best from YouTube and added a few of our own, including our Ride Along and Going Organic series.

The best resources on the internet
We combed the entire internet for the most useful resources, saving you countless hours of searching.


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