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Financial Implications of Risk Management


Every business comes with risk. Because we seek to protect the prosperity, health and safety of our employees, partners and the environment, we seek to mitigate these risks to the greatest extent possible.

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KPI: Number of implications and/or findings of fraudulent or illegal activity by a regulatory body and/or reported in the media


Best-in-Class Management Systems


Our management systems bolster adherence to policies and procedures. They enable employee training, efficient work-flows, and data and document access and analytics. Perhaps most importantly, they create a culture of accountability.

For more information on our programs and processes, see our Food Safety, Organic Integrity, and Occupational Healthy & Safety pages.

Risk Management Software

Pipeline Foods purchased Q-Pulse software licenses and commenced build-out of an electronic environmental, human health and safety (HHS), organic integrity, and food safety management system in 2018. By year-end, the system had been constructed to include all environmental, HHS, and food safety compliance documents (policies, SOPs, forms, etc.). The system will continue to be built out to support some aspects of organic integrity and food fraud program, while other pieces will continue to live in our ERP. Next steps include build out of Q-Pulse to facilitate tasks and task management, including audits and inspections. 

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We purchased and began training staff on SmartSoft software usage in early 2018. By utilizing SmartSoft’s various offerings, including data capture classification, as well as document scanning, our logistics and accounting teams have been able to minimize errors and create more efficient workflows.


We implemented Microsoft Dynamics, a customer relationship management system, in early 2018. Using this application, multiple teams within the company are able to track interactions with outside parties such as customers, growers, and third-party entities, to ensure that correct procedures are being followed and recorded.