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Economic Performance & Profitability


Profits and economic strength are key to ensuring that we continue our ability to do good work and further our mission, vision, and values.

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KPI: Percentage year over year change in sales


Our skilled commercial team has decades of combined experience in buying and selling organic and non-GMO product.

Because we value the relational over transactional, we have developed long-lasting, trusted partnerships with high-quality growers, processors, and food companies. In 2018, Pipeline Foods contracted with 389 growers - a figure 2.14 times higher than that of 2017 (182). We were also able to grow our reach by sending market updates and bid sheets to around 1,700 growers in Canada and the U.S.

Say something about sales numbers, if appropriate?

Because we value transparency, we involve our shareholders via social media and storytelling as well as through conventional media outlets.

By doing this, we increase stakeholders’ understanding of our values and activities as a company, which bolsters and enhances our brand. It also ensures that we are consistently informing our stakeholders of the issues we care about and the work we are doing.

We track engagement, including share of voice and sentiment, using a number of tools, which helps us stay aware of how the work we are doing is being viewed. Since Pipeline Foods’ inception, we have seen our social media following continually increase, and sentiment remain steadily positive, which reflects our positive relationship with our stakeholders and the business that we do. Research has shown that the higher share of voice and positive sentiment a company has, the more likely it is to have a greater share of market as well.