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Clean Label Market Growth


Our work helps to to bolster the confidence of consumers, who are demanding more integrity in their food supply and purchasing clean label products at record numbers.

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KPI: Percent annual growth in organic, non-GMO, and/or regenerative food markets


We are dedicated to increasing organic sales.

The clean label market is flourishing. In 2018, global organic food and drink sales surpassed $100 billion USD, while U.S. organic sales hit a record $52.5 billion USD, indicating continuing growth in the organic market around the world.


While we acknowledge that no one company has direct influence over market growth, Pipeline Foods plays a role in increasing domestic product by offering resources, tools, and incentives for growers to either make the transition to organic or increase the organic acreage they already have. Our Farm Profit Program provides organic transition solutions and education through a variety of services such as product marketing and long-term off-take agreements, economic programs, agronomic support, and information about certification. By easing the financial and knowledge barriers to making the transition, we motivate more farmers to consider going organic.


Additionally, we are strategically buying, building, and updating facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada to promote the development of organic hubs, or “hotspots”, which, in addition to providing greater market access and efficiency for growers, have also been shown to benefit local economies by increasing the median household and reducing local poverty levels.

Our strategy of locating organic facilities in organic growing regions and along key transportation routes means that farmers are able to more efficiently store, process, and clean their crops. This serves as an incentive for farmers to increase organic domestic product, as reduced transportation time and costs allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money in their bank account.

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Our business extends around the world, contributing to global trade and ensuring that organic imports are available from a wide variety of sources.

There has been record growth of organic farmland worldwide, increasing at almost 20% a year (IFOAM).

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While our priority is buying and selling as much domestic product as possible, when U.S. production falls short of demand (less than 1% of domestic farmland is certified organic), our operations and business activities in Canada, Argentina, Asia, and Europe can help to fill in that gap. We source from a variety of certified growers, many of whom we have visited personally to observe and audit their operations. We import _________ annual and export __________, filling the demand of consumers and driving sales across the globe.

Data on the contribution of organic grains specifically?

We are participating in several partnerships and activities that promote the growth of the organic and non-GMO industry.

Since its inception, Pipeline Foods has worked with organizations such as the OTA, the Organic Grain Collaboration (OGC), Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC), the Rodale Institute, and the Delta Institute to further the reach of organic agriculture.