Into the Weeds, Episode 6: A conversation with an organic farmer/conventional agronomist

Will Glazik is a bridge-builder. He has one foot in the organic world, being raised on a diverse organic grain and livestock farm where he learned the value of rotation as well as how to use cover crops.

His other foot is in the conventional world, working as an agronomist for BCS, a soil testing lab and full-service retail operation in Illinois. Will received his B.S. in Crop Science from the University of Illinois and is a Certified Crop Consultant (CCA) - 4R NMS. He’s spent the last few years building both his conventional and organic consulting base and is able to take lessons from each system and apply it to the other. If he wasn’t busy enough already, he also manages the IDEA Farm Network, a farmer-led learning community that meets in-person and through an online listserv. In all his spare time, he also runs a distillery/brewery with his brothers called Silver Tree Beer and Spirits. Today we talk about a few misconceptions about organic farming and how Will addresses them in his work. We also continue to discuss the challenges we all face relating to tillage, weed control, and fertility. If you have follow-up questions or would like to be added to the IDEA Network Listserv, get in touch with Will directly at