Into the Weeds, Episode 4: On the Farm: Joel Layman, SW Michigan

Guest: Joel Layman, Founder and Principal of J D Layman Farms Inc.

We’re fascinated by transition stories. What was the seed that grew into the decision to start the journey towards organic? What challenges were faced along the way and how were they addressed? What advice would a farmer who’s gone through transition have for others thinking about it? Today we introduce a new category of podcast: On the Farm, where we’ll hear from farmers about their transition experiences and dial down into the production, marketing, and planning processes that have spelled success. Today we hear our first of many On the Farm profiles from Joel Layman, a farmer in South Western Michigan who made the decision to go organic five years ago, and has slowly transitioned more and more of his operation to organic management. In our conversation today, we cover a lot of ground – from his motivation to make the jump to his piecemeal approach to getting through the transition to weed control and fertility strategies. Joel is one of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of farmers out there excited about this new adventure into organic and is looking to the future with hope, and with optimism.