New Organic Farming Video & Podcast Series

Pipeline Foods is happy to announce two new educational series for organic farmers and those thinking of transitioning, created and hosted by our Farm Profit Program (FPP) team!


Our video series, "Going Organic - Transition Stories from the Field", features Kade McBroom, FPP Regional Program Manager (and farmer) as he begins his transition to organic production in Southeast Missouri. He'll keep us updated every step of the way as he "Goes Organic". We plan to bring a variety of farmers into the mix to share their journeys - both the struggles & successes - and present an honest, open look at what it's like to make the transition to organic. 



Our podcast series, "Into the Weeds", is hosted by Anders Gurda, Manager of Agronomy Solutions at Pipeline Foods. It provides in-depth interviews with organic farmers and experts, and covers a wide variety of topics and stories related to organic row crop production. We know that you have plenty of windshield time in your profession, so wanted to give you something to listen to and think about as you plant, cultivate, harvest, and spend those hours on the road. In these episodes, we wander into the weeds so that you don’t have to. 


Both of these series are ongoing, and will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to subscribe and check in from time to time! We're excited for these series to provide further opportunities to connect with farmers and tell the stories of those working hard to grow healthy, sustainable food.