Pipeline Foods Sponsors Mackenzie County Organic Success Program

Minneapolis, MN – Pipeline Foods LLC, the first U.S.-based supply chain solutions company focused exclusively on non-GMO, organic, and regenerative food and feed, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Mackenzie County Organic Success Program.

The global organic market, which is currently estimated at just under $90 billion USD, is continuing to grow rapidly due to consumer demand for food choices that are safe for people and the environment, and traceable back to the source. Many farmers are responding to this market demand, but struggle to make it through the required three-year transition period before they gain access to organic market premiums. 

The Mackenzie County Organic Success Program is designed to support farmers in the area and strengthen Organic Alberta’s efforts to grow the organic grain industry. Over half of Alberta’s organic producers are located in the Mackenzie County region.

“We’re excited to be a part of such an invaluable program in support of Canadian farmers who want to make the transition to organic,” said Jason Charles, Market Director of North American Organics at Pipeline Foods. “Farmers are our most important partners, and it is crucial for them to have the resources they need to grow their operations and increase profitability through organic practices.”

Pipeline Foods seeks to do similar work with its Farm Profit Program (FPP) in the U.S., which is designed to help farmers capitalize on the opportunity to diversify and increase profitability through organic, regenerative production practices in partnership with Pipeline Foods.