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Pipeline Foods is an emerging global organization with a vision to accelerate the availability of non-GMO, organic and regeneratively-grown food. We are bringing best-in-class sustainable supply chain solutions to build a better future for our farmers, customers and partners.

We are experts in our respective areas, united by integrity and respect for relationships and the earth. Our teams promote transparent and collaborative business practices while working towards our goal to meet current demand for organic and non-GMO crops grown in the Americas.




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  1. $250 MM++            Institutional capital (double the amount for stronger umami)

  2. 200+ Years             Combined leadership experience

  3. 50+ Countries         International operations

  4. 3MM++ acres         The Pipeline Nation

  5. 20++ Facilities        Grains & oilseeds, storage & handling, crushing & milling      

  6. Several Bunches    Critical partnerships

  7. Leather                   Boots on the ground


  1. Assemble all ingredients into one company

  2. Use best-in-class operating procedures and sharp tools

  3. Partner with like-minded individuals and organizations

  4. Don't cut corners. Ever.

  5. Enter the market at a 45° angle

  6. Stir with intensity

  7. Serve with integrity


  1. Upstream & midstream supply chain solutions

  2. Added value for agricultural producers

  3. Connected Organic, Non GMO, Transitional, Regenerative and Clean Label value chains

  4. Grains, oilseeds & specialty crops, food & feed ingredients

  5. Delivered with transparency & assurance

  6. The gold standard for supply chain reliability

  7. Healthier farmers, healthier soil and healthier consumers



"Why didn't I come here sooner?" — Hamlet Daily

"Fairfield is a modern day foodie's utopia. " — Village Post

"An unforgettable time that inspired a new relationship with cooking and eating. " — City Gazette

"No better way to spend a weekend than with good food and good friends. " — Hicks Globe