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Accelerate the availability of healthy and regeneratively grown food.



Deliver long-term value to our suppliers; develop supply chain assurance and transparency for our customers; and create unique investment opportunities for our financial partners.







Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria light our path. Circular economy concepts inform our business decisions.

Integrity: We live by our values and tell it like it is, always driving for transparency, quality and trusted methods of assurance.

Teamwork: Like-minded individuals and organizations build trust through performance and respect. We achieve together.



  1. $250 MM++            Institutional capital (double the amount for stronger umami)

  2. 200+ Years             Combined leadership experience

  3. 50+ Countries         International operations

  4. 3MM++ acres         The Pipeline Nation

  5. 20++ Facilities        Grains & oilseeds, storage & handling, crushing & milling

  6. Several Bunches    Critical partnerships

  7. Leather                   Boots on the ground


  1. Assemble all ingredients into one company

  2. Use best-in-class operating procedures and sharp tools

  3. Partner with like-minded individuals and organizations

  4. Don't cut corners. Ever.

  5. Enter the market at a 45° angle

  6. Stir with intensity

  7. Serve with integrity


  1. Upstream & midstream supply chain solutions

  2. Added value for agricultural producers

  3. Connected Organic, Non GMO, Transitional, Regenerative and Clean Label value chains

  4. Grains, oilseeds & specialty crops, food & feed ingredients

  5. Delivered with transparency & assurance

  6. The gold standard for supply chain reliability

  7. Healthier farmers, healthier soil and healthier consumers